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Vivienne Craft is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Real Talker and General Ass Kicker. She believes in living the "Bosslady Lifestyle". What kind of lifestyle is that, you ask? The "Bosslady Lifestyle" is living life to the best of your ability and being the "BOSS" of your life. She is making her mark on the erotic romance community with her strong African American female leads. Every book she writes is written in her spunky voice and deals with interesting themes.

This website is dedicated to connecting to her fans and informing them of upcoming events.

Jail Bait is a number 1 best Seller!!!!
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Vivienne Craft's
New Erotic Thriller

Jail Bait

is now available

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Check out My Open Letter to Common (Sense)
It's a blog about my love of Hip Hop and the love of my life

What is Vivienne working on?

I know y'all want to know what happens next in Grant and Taylor's crazy story. Well, you won't have to wait long. Jail Bait 2 is coming soon.

Sexy Shorts
You ever wonder what happened to the other couples in a Vivienne Craft novel? Or if one character ever met his match? Then you are in for a treat! Vivienne's new novella series, Sexy Shorts, are just what the doctor ordered. Sexy Shorts coming soon!

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