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Welcome to the Vivienne Craft Website

Vivienne Craft is an Amazon Best Selling Erotica Author, Motivational Speaker, Real Talker, and Life Lessons Teacher. She is making her mark on the erotic romance community with her strong African American female leads. Every book she writes is written in her spunky voice and deals with interesting themes based on some aspect of her real life.

This website is dedicated to connecting to her fans and informing them of upcoming events.


Risk it all

Evie had an idyllic life, the husband, a beautiful little girl, and a comfortable middle-class lifestyle. Relationships change. People change. Evie is starting to feel unfulfilled. A surprise homecoming has her ready to risk it all.

Risk it all on Amazon

What our customers are saying

Review of Jail Bait From Goodreads

Omg...this is good...I wondered if the title and the bombshell topic was going to deter didn''s explosive...begin this book with an open mind....just keep reading will blow any preconceived guilt away..Grant almost lost his mind...but couldn't stop loving Taylor...Taylor was plagued with guilt but couldn't stop loving forward 10 years later and the sparks and passion took over..enters danger and blackmail...threats of surfaces...old wounds are reopened...and a dangerous child molester is with a new ready made family...Persephone and Bobby makes their presence doing what they do best....2nd Jail Bait is coming...can't wait

Lynda Garcia rated it it was amazing

Holy$hit (5 stars)

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