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Vivienne Craft

Vivienne was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she currently resides with her husband and two children. She is a recruiter by day and a writer by night. She began her relationship with romance around the age of twelve when she was mistakenly sent a Zebra Historical Romance novel in her bulk shipment of teenage angst books. Her life was forever changed.  Reading historical romances made her believe in the big kind of love, opened her imagination, and expanded her vocabulary (this proved helpful while studying for the SATs). Vivienne finally released her first novella Dolce Vita in October 2013 as a fun experiment.  She uses some element of her real life in every story she writes and enjoys having her friends and family guess which parts are hers. Follow Vivienne on her story telling journey and enjoy them as much as she enjoys sharing them.

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Feb 19, 2016 Lynda Garcia rated it it was amazing
Holy$hit (5 stars)
Review of Jail Bait From Goodreads

Omg...this is good...I wondered if the title and the bombshell topic was going to deter didn''s explosive...begin this book with an open mind....just keep reading will blow any preconceived guilt away..Grant almost lost his mind...but couldn't stop loving Taylor...Taylor was plagued with guilt but couldn't stop loving forward 10 years later and the sparks and passion took over..enters danger and blackmail...threats of surfaces...old wounds are reopened...and a dangerous child molester is with a new ready made family...Persephone and Bobby makes their presence doing what they do best....2nd Jail Bait is coming...can't wait
(5 stars)
By C M on November 28, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Just today as I finished book two and started this book, book 3, I was speaking to friends about what we were reading today. I said this book and described the author as underrated. Because none of us had heard of her before I stumbled across this book. I realized it was a series and had to read them. They pulled me in and Athena's story did not disappoint. I was happy to see her side and the result. Vivienne Craft is underrated and I can't wait to read more. I wonder if we'll see these characters again because I would love to. But if not, I'm happy and satisfied with how everything ended. Though the avid reader in me would love to see more. Take it from me, after reading this series, you'll be addicted.
By IRReader on July 30, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This was by far my favorite Viv Craft book!!! Loved sev and Viv and didn't want it to end. Please can we have more of them.
By  Lavoie "Dark Reader"on February 4, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I loved it, I couldnt put it down till I found out who done it. Conner I loved him and he was a stand up guy who stood behind his woman. And I loved Bella. She wasnt whinny or fighting her attraction, she accepted and moved on to get her man. Loved it
(5 stars) Fantastic book!, January 25, 2015
This review is from: Secrets (Book 1): The Researcher (Kindle Edition)
This is my first time reading a book from this author and I have to say that I loved, loved, loved this story!! It had just the right amount of drama, suspense, action and romance. The sex scenes with Bobby and Peri had me sweating and needing a cold drink and their chemistry was off the charts!!! The ending is a jaw dropping cliffhanger so if you don't like series books, this won't work for you. I would definitely recommend this book to readers. Starting part 2 now!

(4 stars ) Excellent, January 2, 2015
This review is from: Secrets (Book 3): Swift Justice (Kindle Edition)
This is a different theme to an age ole love story. The characters are matched with unusual and unexpected skills. The lawyer has, for example, an extra gift that is coupled with being a top notch defender of wrongly accused clients. The story starts with a bang and the reader is engaged to the end. This story was well worth staying up all night to see how it ends. Good job Vivienne. Keep your imagination rolling!
(5 stars) Visions of Love with Deadly Secrets, December 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Secrets (Book 3): Swift Justice (Kindle Edition)
Conor is a true alpha male and Bella is a fierce and feisty woman. Their chemistry are sizzling hot with their vision of love while solving a murder mystery. Their sexual escapades were smoking HOT! The characters were funny with some crazy drama. I would like a follow-up on Bonnie and David. I would recommend this book because secrets can be deadly.
5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it..., December 26, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Secrets (Book 3): Swift Justice (Kindle Edition)
During the reading of this book, it was as if I was there being the fly on the wall as this unfolded it, was funny, it was emotional, and a all out great read, highly recommend
(5 stars) Excellent!!, December 26, 2014
This review is from: Secrets (Book 3): Swift Justice (Kindle Edition)
This is one sexy laugh out loud love story.This story is done so well,that you are not only reading a story about romance but you're getting a good solid mystery surrounding the whole story as well.This was such a fun story that you get to enjoy the telling and you can visualize all of it has it happens.Well done and very enjoyable.Take a chance on this wonderful story.
(5 stars) Pure joy!, December 24, 2014
This review is from: Secrets (Book 3): Swift Justice (Kindle Edition)
What a sweet wonderful story! Just the right amount of suspense, drama and sex to keep this story interesting and sexy. There was never a boring moment from start to end. I am liking this author more and more...this is my fourth book in the last month and certainly will not be my last. Btw...this book goes perfectly with red wine ;))
(5 stars) Wow, December 22, 2014
This review is from: Secrets (Book 2): The Researcher II (Kindle Edition)
5 stars for book 2, book 1 gets four out of five stars. I hope there is book three. Very interesting espionage,covert black ops action...and then the sex scenes...OMG😁
(5 stars) Swift justice indeed!!, December 17, 2014
This review is from: Secrets (Book 3): Swift Justice (Kindle Edition)
Really great read killer not who I guessed loved the connection with bell & capt rock!!! Loved sneak peek at possible 2nd book with Bonnie &David
(5 stars) .....that what?, October 23, 2014
This review is from: First comes baby...then what? (Kindle Edition)
This book was HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT.... I loved how they just couldn't get enough of each other and their chemistry was off the charts. I need a Cowboy like Beau!
(5 Stars)Simply Awesome!, October 13, 2014
This review is from: Secrets (Book 1): The Researcher (Kindle Edition)
I loved every word on every page! I adore a bad ass heroine who is smart, sexy and dangerous. I cannot wait to read Book 2.
(5Stars) Runaway Thrill Of Excitement, September 28, 2014
This review is from: Secrets: The Researcher (Kindle Edition)
This is one sexy thrill a minute story.This is a story that is so sexy and steamy that you will find yourself wondering if you saw this on the big screen who would play the parts.I love when romance is a surprise and it's intense and just plain old hot!The two main characters instantly draw you to the chemistry and the has a lot to do with excellent writing.The writer sets a scene so well it is almost if you can fill the intensity.Such a sexy cool and wonderful story.This was my first story by this author and I have to say it will not be my last.I can't wait to dig in to the next installment of this story.
(5 stars) Secrets the book was good to the end., September 27, 2014
This review is from: Secrets: The Researcher II (Kindle Edition)
Kept me engaged to the end. I can't wait for Athena's book. Keep on writing love. This is a book you will enjoy
4.0 out of 5 stars The Victory Lane, September 22, 2014
This review is from: First comes baby...then what? (Kindle Edition)
I Liked this book! Honestly it took me a minute to truly get into it but once I did it was a great read. I enjoyed how the writer did a "twist" that I wasn't expecting and not to mention gosh what a Alpha Male and once it was clear he Wanted Victory Lane then it was all over!! I can see her writing about the secondary characters and I would purchase. I read this on Kindle Unlimited but decided after reading it was worth the purchase!! Enjoy!
4.0 out of 5 stars Good read, September 15, 2014
Mistress (Jacksonve, FL) - See all my reviews
This review is from: First comes baby...then what? (Kindle Edition)
I enjoyed reading this book. The sex was hot and steamy! I liked that the author didn’t try to drag out the suspense of the whole married man thing. I was also happy to see that this story was completed in one book! Can’t wait to read Hank and Shannon’s story.
September 13, 2014 First Comes Baby...then what?

I love these interracial books. I love how all the couple's get a long. Vicky and Beau are amazing together. Great read. Looking forward for a Hank and Shannon book

(5stars) Great Read, September 8, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: First comes baby...then what? (Kindle Edition)
Loved this book and the strong characters in the story. The romance is very erotic and makes you wish for a love this strong Loved the alpha male and the female loving each other. Even though a bad marriage from the husbands past. Very good quick read.
(5 Stars) Loved it!, September 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: First comes baby...then what? (Kindle Edition)
This was a hot read. All it took was one hot look and Vicky and Beau's relationship started to sizzle. This was one story I could not put down. Had to read it straight through.
(5 stars) Great Read, August 31, 2014
This review is from: First comes baby...then what? (Kindle Edition)
Thank you, Vivienne, this was a great story, I really like that Vicky, Pete, Shannon, and Maggie worked together but also was like a close knit family. And I like that it didn't make Beau jealous or try to look down on them. He love Vicky enough to encourage it, and include her friends. The was a great read, one question will there be a story for Shannon and Hank.

(4 stars) Dolce., August 30, 2014
This review is from: Dolce Vita (Kindle Edition)
Sweet short story. For such a short book it actually had a lot to it. I didn't feel ripped off at all. I really enjoyed it.
(5 stars) Naughty Girl meets Sexy Man, August 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: First comes baby...then what? (Kindle Edition)
Beau and Vicky met under unusually circumstances but they are awesome together and chemistry between them are hotter than fish grease. The characters in this book are magically and funny. This book has a lot of drama but funny as hell.
Kindle Customer reviewed Runaway Girlfriend
(4 stars) Intriguing August 17, 2014
The story captured you from the very beginning. It was funny at times,romantic, and captivating. The coupling of the characters was well thought out.
J. Morile-ingram "jj" reviewed Secrets: The Researcher
(4 stars) Wow!! July 3, 2014
Cannot wait for part 2, well developed story line and characters.

(3 stars) good read,June 2, 2014

This review is from: Secrets: The Researcher (Kindle Edition)
The book was definitely a good read. I enjoyed it. I Cant wait till the second book to come out.

Mscarter09 reviewed Secrets: The Researcher
(5 stars) Loved!!! May 14, 2014
This book was awesome! Once I started reading I literally could not put it down! I'm so upset that it ended the way it did, yet excited to read part II. Please hurry Vivienne the fans are waiting!
cpotts34 reviewed Secrets: The Researcher
(5 stars) Great book!! May 8, 2014
I REALLY enjoyed this book and it was very well written!! I love a book that gives you a little of mystery, romance, erotica, excitement, and fun!!! I will definitely recommend this book to my book club to read. Can't wait for book 2.... hope it will not be a LONG wait :) !!!
skyy04 reviewed Runaway Girlfriend
(5 stars) Amazing April 29, 2014
This book had me feeling so much throughout the chapters. I went from overly excited, laughing, to crying. This is a must read!

Soleil Hamilton reviewed Runaway Girlfriend
(5 stars) sexy who done it April 9, 2014
LOVED this one by Vivienne! much like her first novel, an easy read with lots of steamy scenes and a good plot. Still too short for my liking, but I know these books are a mere appetizer to what the future holds. Miss Craft keeps it current, humorous, and most of all SEXY!

MIA S SAMUEL reviewed Dolce Vita
(5 stars) HOT SEXY AND LOVE April 18, 2014
This was a quick short read ,loves comes when you don't expect and it's makes even more sweeter and always have happy ending

April Cornejo reviewed Dolce Vita
(4 stars) cuddling with a crafty creation February 12, 2014
I enjoyed reading the story of Vita and Wade and the chemestry they shared. And I felt the story flowed very well.I look forward to seeing the other creation that Mrs. Craft comes up with.

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