a little bit of nice and a whole lotta naughty


Justin Timberlake Don't Sue Me!: How to get your sexy back
(or find it in the first place)

  • This presentation focuses on a woman's sexuality. We talk about how to identify if you've lost your sexy and how to find it again. We talk about what caused you to put your sexuality on the back burner and how you can avoid doing it again. And finally we talk about some specific things that can be done to find out what your level of sexuality is and how to own it.

I have a good job but I still HATE IT!: How to get that new job smell back.

  • Your alarm clock goes off. You hit snooze. Your alarm clock sounds again. You hit snooze....again. You pop one eye open to check the time and realize you've turned off the alarm instead of hitting snooze and now you're running 20 minutes late. You get dressed...finally. Armed with your second cup of coffee, you're out the door. You arrive at work in time to see your boss check the clock and give you a dirty look. You HATE YOUR JOB! This presentation gives you the tools needed to change your mindset in order to feel positive about working again. This is the ultimate in career counseling.

Mommy Bootcamp: Back to Basics to help the frazzled Mom

  • Tips to help a mom on the brink that include: Organization, Cleaning, Budgets, Health and Fitness, Marriage, and Parenting

Stop the Hate and Appreciate: Women supporting Women

  • With words like  "Bully" and "Shaming"  floating around people are ready and able to jump on board with this cause or that, but what about good old fashioned Hating? It seems that women can be the worst offenders of Hating. Why can't a woman see another woman doing well and congratulate her instead of hating on her? This presentation is a discussion on how we can do our part to support our fellow woman.

The Bosslady Lifestyle: How to be the BOSS of your own life

  • Vivienne Craft is a Bosslady who wants to share tips with you how you can be the same. This presentation  includes information:
  • Career
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Single Life
  • Organization
  • Personal Growth